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Neroli Oil

Naturally Extracted Neroli Essential Oil

The magical natural oil of neroli is extracted from the waxy flowers of the plant known Citrus bitter orange tree through the extensive method of steam distillation. This essential oil is truly a nature’s blessing which is benefiting the mankind since the ancient era, as it is being practiced to aid people suffering from high fever and plague. This organic oil is processed thorough a traditional extraction process which intakes tones of flowers to derive just a liter of this beneficial oil. It constitutes of innumerable therapeutic properties such as anti-depressant, sedative, anti-infectious, digestive and many more. Apart from its various medicinal properties this amazing oil works incredibly on skin by rejuvenating it and leaves it soft and supple.



Tremendous Therapeutic Properties of Neroli Oil

This naturally extracted oil has a pleasing floral aroma which makes it a perfect ingredient for perfume and the aroma therapy industries. The soothing and relaxing agents present in this essential oil leads to a complete calm and relaxed body and mind which helps to overcome the stressful and busy lifestyle. This oil is yellow in color and blends incredibly well with sandalwood, lavender, rosemary, jasmine and all citrus essential oils. Pure neroli oil contains various chemicals such as linalool, farnesol, geraniol and methyl. This in toxic oil should be used with the proper medical prescription for the pregnant and nursing mothers.



Uses of Neroli essential oil

  • Aphrodisiac: Nowadays, due to busy and stressed lifestyle, most of the people are suffering from the lack of sexual desires and libido in the body which further leads to impotency and disturbed martial relationship. Thus, this oil contains few aphrodisiac agents which help in aiding people suffering from this deficiency.

  • Beauty: Neroli oil comprises elements which are quite beneficial for eradicating the signs of ageing and stretch marks naturally. This oil has an amazing fragrance that makes it perfect for the Jacuzzis, massage parlors to relax the body and mind.

  • Insomnia: This oil works wonderfully for the insomniacs who are unable to have sound sleep and stay restless all day long. It contains anti-insomnia agents which relives the people fighting sleepless nights.

  • Anti-biotic: This oil works amazingly well on any kind of microbial infection as it abundant in anti-biotic agents.

  • Other medicinal Benefits:This oil miraculously treats the disease of hysteria in which people tend to suffer from unmanageable emotions such as overwhelming fear, a serious trauma, etc. Beneficial oil neroli said to be quite reliving during the pre menstrual strain and abdomen spasms.

  • Bactericidal:Neroli oil is considered ideal to kill various kinds of bacteria and other pathogens in the body. This oil was recommended in Ayurvedic practices to cure various kinds of diseases and complications that were related to microbial infections and toxins. It is well praised to aid in typhoid, malaria, cholera and food poisoning.

  • Moisturizer:It is globally renowned as one of the prime ingredients of varies kinds of skin creams and hair oils. It helps to relieve healthy and glowing skin by moistening and healing. Neroli oil also helps to retain moisture and maintain oil balance in skin.

This exotic oil with its innumerable advantages to the mankind has benefited us in numerous ways by fighting diseases and various deficiencies naturally.



Health Benefits Of Neroli Essential Oil

Pure Aroma Oils is a very famous name of the market for offering a wide range of Neroli Essential Oil to our consumers. This oil is used to cure various treatments such as Antidepressant, Aphrodisiac etc., which give fast and accurate results.

Pure Aroma Oils


100% Pure and Natural Neroli Oil

Natural Indian Oils serve in finest quality of Neroli Oil with hassle-free express shipping services. Neroli oil is an essential oil made from bitter orange blossoms. Our items are exceedingly respected for their quality and smell.

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An Authentic Store to Buy Neroli Oil

Owing to distinct aroma and therapeutic properties, neroli oil is globally praised for use in a wide range of commercially sold products. It is well renowned oil for use in aromatherapy and massage centers due to its ability to alleviate various kinds of mental complications arising from depression and stress. Moreover, this oil could is also well-suited to use in diffusers to prevent air-borne diseases caused due to harmful bacteria and virus.

Allin Exporters


Get 100% Pure and Undiluted Neroli Oil at Competitive Prices

Over the past years, Only Natural Essential Oil has gained a colossal appreciation in this domain as the foremost manufacturer, exporter and supplier of Neroli oil. The oil provided by them is widely demanded among the users due to its pleasing aroma and proven therapeutic properties. At their advanced production unit, this oil is processed from the flowers of Citrus aurantium amara through steam distillation method. You can easily purchase neroli oil from them in retail as well as bulk quantity at the lowest prices.

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  1. I was fascinated by the smell of neroli flowers too much when I was a child, Can I use this oil with my diffuser in room? If so, how many drops will be adequate?

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