White Camphor Oil

Make Your Hair Healthier and Shinier with White Camphor Oil

Are you tired of your dull hair and looking for some miracle? Then, you must be still unaware of White camphor oil. Well, you don’t need to worry anymore as this oil is a miraculous solution for your fragile and dull hair. In order to prevent hair fall, good blood flow is very necessary. Thus, it helps in improving circulation to the scalp and hence, restores the natural shine of your hair. Furthermore white camphor oil has great anti septic, anti spasmodic, anesthetic, stimulant, sedative and nervous, decongestant pacifier, anti neuralgic, disinfectant, anti inflammatory and insecticide properties. Due to these properties, it can be used in the treatment of a number of health related issues.

Rejuvenate Your Skin with White Camphor Oil

Essential  oil is most commonly used oil for aromatherapy. You can also blend this oil with other herbal oils. For feeling relaxed and calm, the fresh and mesmerizing aroma of this oil is the perfect choice. Now, you can revive your senses with the tremendous effects of this oil. But, if you are under any medication or pregnant then, consult your doctor before using this oil.

White camphor oil

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Use white Camphor oil as Antiseptic, Disinfectant and Insecticide

White camphor oil is a wonderful insecticide, disinfectant and germicide. It can be added to the water to disinfect it at the time of rainy and summer season. A drop of this oil can help keep germs and insects away from the foods grains. Furthermore, it can be mixed with the skin lotion to treat fungal and bacterial infection and to cure the diseases related to the skin.

Brown camphor oil

White Camphor Oil as an excellent stimulant, Anti inflammatory & Sedative

White camphor oil is an amazing stimulant and helps stimulates the metabolism, circulation, digestion, excretion and secretions. Due its wonderful stimulant properties, it is widely used in the treatment of digestion related problems, improper circulation, hyper metabolic rates and obstructed secretions. Moreover, due to its cooling and penetrating effect, it is an excellent sedative and inflammatory agent. It is very effective in curing almost all types of internal as well as external inflammation. It has also great soothing effect on mind and body and provides a feeling of freshness and peace. You can also use this oil in your bathing water for getting the extra cooling effect in summer.

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